Vendors & Sponsors

ANY AND ALL KINDS OF CRAFTS ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED. The beautiful thing about cosplay and con is that everyone from all types of backgrounds attend so anything goes!

10×10 space $50 a weekend. 
Anything larger $100 a weekend.

The Magical Realm is proud to be Sponsoring and Running the Mead Hall at FaireVerse! 
FaireVerse, will be donating 10% of the profits back to Magical Realm to help us in raising money for Friar Finnegan/David Dixon! So, you can come enjoy Black Dragon Meads at this event as well!

Geek Tack
Color Street
Idle Handmade Stuff
The Playful Preservationist
Authors Jean Davis & Jeff Pryor
Mystic Metalworks
Kishy’s Creations & Complete Oddities
Underground Cookie Club
D&D Gluten Free
The Meat Guys BBQ Shack
Patty Matter’s Food Truck
DaSue Dragon Designs
Rarity Nails
Kool Breeze
Origami Owl
The Grassy Knoll
The Harrow Vikings & Treasa Kloth
Marquis Comics
Ivan Reynolds Henna Tattoo
Rob the Badger
Scents that Slay
Tim Beebe

Steel Lotus
Bath Bombs by Patty
Crafts by Cherye
Hylian Words
Sanctuary of the Winds
Hylian Words

Tattooed Rose Trades
The Red Dragon
All Weather Seal
USborne books n more
TBR’s Bath Bombs
Kava Kasa
Jewelry Hand Designed by AJ
Art by Cody
Jophiel Studio
Sham it up
Simply Pampered by Kandi Ann
Cantrips & Crows
Aziza World